Yang Jeonghak
Yang Jeonghak2
Korean Name 양 정확
Status Active
Affiliations Baekma Valley
Occupation Unknown
Martial Arts Unknown
First Appearance Chapter 17

Yang Jeonghak (양 정확, Yang Jeonghwag) is a captain[1] of the Baekma Valley. For those familiar with the Baekma Valley, he is known by the epithet "The Phantom Visitor" (환영객, "Hwan-yeong-gaeg").[2] Despite Jin Garyeong being the current Lady of the Valley, he stays loyal to its previous Lady, Garyeong's mother.


Yang was once a member of the Heavenly Destruction Sect that was led by Dokgo Ryong.[1]

Appearance & PersonalityEdit


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Yang making Jinhong see triple
  • Yang preparing another illusion...
  • trick Jinhong into seeing...
  • ...the man who brought him up

Illusion Casting: Yang Jeonghak is a very capable illusionist. The first demonstration of this skill was the creation of two doppelgangers besides himself in front of Soh Jinhong, where he fooled the man into believing that there were three of himself, although he stated this was a rather simple illusion.[3] Later, when confronting Gha Woobok, he managed to erect, what he called, an illusion wall, which managed to pin the man into two layers of illusion: the first was Gha Woobok believing he killed Yang Jeonghak, the second was the former believing his arm was cut off. This skill seemed to be difficult to break, given Yang Jeonghak's surprise at Jin Garyeong being capable of doing so.[4]


  • "If you're retired, you should keep your head down and live quietly until you die."[2]

Notes & TriviaEdit


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