Sa Jun
Sa Jun
Korean Name 사준
Status Deceased
Affiliations Unknown
First Appearance Chapter 39

Sa Jun, the Bloody Warrior (혈무자 사준, Hyeolmuja Sajun; "Bloody Warrior Sa Jun"), also known by the epithet "Crouching Snake" (웅크린 뱀, ungkeulin baem), was a renowned gosu.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Sa Jun was an experienced-looking older man, with grey eyes and white hair that stuck out to either side at the back of his head. His heavy white sideburns bushed out and he had thick white eyebrows. Sa Jun had strong features and a heavy build, underlying with muscle. On top of his head, he wore a gold crown-like piece that denoted his lordship.

Sa Jun was noted to be cunning and cruel by nature but also very greedy, being willing to stab an organisation in the back if it meant gaining profit from it.[1] It is also clear that he does not like condescension from others.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Sa Jun was a greatly renowned martial artist, so much so, that even the Baekma Valley were said to tread lightly around him.[1]


Sa Jun wielded a pair of large cleaver-like blades that were connected by a long metal chain. He was proficient in their use, being able to accurately throw one at a target with enough force to embed a blade in sturdy wooden doorway.[1]


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