Jin Garyeong
Jin Garyeong
Korean Name 진 가령
Status Active
Affiliations Baekma Valley
Occupation Unknown
First Appearance Chapter 19

Jin Garyeong (진 가령, Jin Galyeong) is the lady of the Baekma Valley.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Jin appears to be a beautiful woman with long black hair that is tied into a bun, pale brown eyes, full red lips and an ample bosom.

She has only been seen briefly but she seems to be quite inquisitive and has an eye for talent.


She spoke to Yang Jeonghak about Soh Jinhong's battle with Gang Ryong. When the conversation ended, she asked him what his view was on whether Gang Ryong was a worthy successor to the supreme overlord considering Yang was once part of the Heavenly Destruction Sect; he replied that Gang was a mess and painful to watch. She then said it was a shame but to keep and eye on him as he would have to show his true colours before long.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

While little is known about her abilities, Jin Garyeong has enough inner Ki to destroy her immediate surroundings through its exertion alone, subsequently destroying Yang Jeonghak's illusion wall.[1]


  • "I knew I'd found a gem."[2]


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