Goo Hwi
Goo Hwi
Status Active
Affiliations Murim
Occupation Senior member
First Appearance Chapter 55

Goo Hwi (xxx, xxx) is a senior member of the murim.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit


During the events of Yongbi the Invincible, he took part in the hunt for the Golden Castle, though he was mainly dragged into it by a number of events following his kidnapping by Yongbi. Sometime before the Heavenly Destroyer's fall, Goo Hwi and Yongbi fought against and permanently injured Sa Paecheon, resulting in Paecheon's consecutive defeats against those affiliated with the Heavenly Destruction Sect.


He finds Gha Woobok severely injured on the side of the road in "The Stirring", and finds shelter from the rain inside a cave, where he helps him recover. A short while later, a patrol from the Naeseonhyang comes by, intending to capture Gha Woobok, and are instantly laid to waste. 

Later, still during "the Stirring", he is shown observing Gang Ryong from a distant mountain. He is impressed when Gang Ryong notices his gaze, and tells Dang Gan, who is visibly terrified, that he can understand why Dang Gan was beaten.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Goo Hwi is one of the main characters in Ryu Ki-Woon's previous work Yongbi the Invincible which is set some decades prior to Gosu.
  • His granddaughter is the current head of the Baekma Valley.


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