Gha Woobok
Gha Woobok
Korean Name 가 우복
Status Active
Affiliations Baekma Valley
Occupation Merchant
First Appearance Chapter 20

Gha Woobok (가 우복, Ga Ubog) is a door-to-door merchant[1] and a former member of the Baekma Valley.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Woobok is a plain looking man with blue eyes, loose black hair tied in a bun and light stubble on his chin and above his lip. He wears blue garments, a red scarf around his neck and his merchant's ware on his back.

He admits that he is not very good at dealing with people and he appears to have a sharp temper. That said, he does have a decent level of restraint.


Gha Woobok, the Wraith Hand

Gha Woobok, the Wraith Hand

Gha Woobok was once the Baekma Valley's greatest killer and was known by the epithet, "The Wraith Hand" (귀혼수, "Gwihonsu"),[2] but at some point Woobok retired and left the murim altogether. He then became a door-to-door merchant however, because he didn't make a single sale in a month, they partnered him with a senior member.[1]


Gha Woobok followed and watched his senior member, Lee Deok-Gwang as the latter man made sales with customers. While they were walking to another destination, Lee asked if Woobok had family and he replied that he had a wife and three kids. Lee then told him he should work hard for their sake, making Woobok ponder if his kids were eating properly.

Later on in the day, after being vehemently turned away by a potential client, Woobok wondered why it was okay to endure such humiliation when working, but Lee noted that he had still held on to his pride. Woobok then followed his senior member throughout the day as the man made sales, noting that Lee was a peculiar guy. After coming across a brash client who wanted a refund for his rusty cleaver, Woobok watched as Lee cleverly sold a whetstone to the client.

Later, as the two ate, Lee asked if he had learned anything and Woobok replied that he had, particularly noting the whetstone incident. Lee then gave him some tips on being a better merchant and also made him aware of the reason they were in the place they were in. A new family then moved into the house nearby and the two went to help them settle in before Lee sold them some wares.

In the evening, the two left but Woobok heard the couple complaining about the sale. Lee then threw away the contract and reiterated that hard-selling was like selling one's conscience. At that, Lee bid Woobok farewell and left with the latter inspired by the senior member's words. He then realised that he still had Lee Deok-Gwang's contracts from earlier and went to return them only to find the senior member retrieving the contract he threw away previously. Bringing up a point Woobok had made earlier, Lee justified his actions and told Woobok that there was never anything he could've taught him from the start before he left. Woobok looked on silently and mused that he still had some things he could learn from Lee Deok-Gwang.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Gha Woobok is a powerful gosu in and of his own right having once been the Baekma Valley's greatest killer. He uses a unique martial arts that allows him to drain the ki and life energy of others through his hand, leaving them a shrivelled husk. Doing so allows him to rapidly restore his energy and also heal from any wounds he has sustained. It was shown that he can store the ki he drains to use at a later date.[3]


  • "You may sell your pride, but never sell your conscience! Gah, it's embarrassing when I say it out loud..."[4]

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Apparently, people's reactions (panic, fear, horror, disgust and contempt) are always the same when they learn of his past[1] as a person who was once affiliated with the Baekma Valley.[2]
  • He has a wife and three kids, all of whom are acquainted with Gang Ryong and the dumpling place he works for.


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