Gang Ryong

Gang Ryong

Gang Ryong (Prologue)2

Korean Name 강 룡
Status Active
Occupation Delivery boy
Martial Arts Divine Heavenly Destruction Technique(s)
First Appearance Chapter 0

Gang Ryong (강 룡, Gang Lyong) is a dumpling delivery boy and the disciple of the "Heavenly Destroyer", Dokgo Ryong.


At some point he was adopted by Dogko Ryong who then proceeded to train him in the ways of the Divine Heavenly Destruction Techniques as well as prepare him to take revenge on the ones who betrayed him.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Gang is a short, plump young man with long black hair that he ties into a ponytail and pale brown eyes. His general appearance is very unassuming leading many to underestimate him. He also generally wears a jolly and bright expression on his face.

Gang is a cheerful guy who rarely has a frown on his face. He has a strong sense of justice and is always willing to step in and help those who look like they are in trouble; he once forsook sleep for several days to make sure the Elder was safe from an assassin. Despite this, a few people have experienced Gang's incredibly intimidating murderous intent, with one likening him to a demon and a great tiger.[1] He initially seemed to be somewhat naïve, finding himself interrupting and getting engaged in the middle of fights without knowing the situation.


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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Having learned everything about the twelve Divine Heavenly Destruction techniques, Gang Ryong is an extremely powerful combatant, both unarmed and when wielding a weapon; he was able to fight a high-level swordsman on equal footing with nothing but the old wooden staff he was travelling with.[2] He has been noted as having great inner ki, being able to drastically increase the physical properties of an old wooden staff enabling Gang to combat Soh Jinhong's sword, with the latter being unable to cut through it for the majority of the fight.[2] Gang also appears to know basic recovery techniques, being able to analyse and fix the injuries of an injured martial artist.[3]

Immense Physical Strength: Gang is much more physically powerful than he superficially appears, being able to level great rock faces and the ground with single strikes.[3][2]

Immense Physical Speed: He is quick and deceptively light on his feet, being able to run at great speed without triggering sensitive traps set by fixers.[4] In his first encounter with Soh Jinhong, Gang managed to intercept the assassin's attack upon the Elder; the movement was so fast, the Elder barely noticed what had occurred.[5] During his most recent fight with Soh Jinhong, he briefly moved at such great speed that even Yang Jeonghak couldn't perceive his movements.[6]

Immense Reflexes: Gang's reflexes and general awareness is at superhuman levels, enabling to effortlessly evade other people's attacks without much effort.

Divine Heavenly Destruction Techniques:

  • Heavenly Destruction, Evil Negating Palmstrike (파천 항마장, Pacheon Hangmajang):[3] An extremely powerful palm strike that is capable of destroying the side of a cliff.[3]
  • Heavenly Destruction, Radiant Wheel Strike (파천 명륜공, Pacheon Myeonglyungong):[7] A powerful attack that generates an overwhelming blast of ki energy.
  • Heavenly Destruction, Thunder Hawk Strike (파천 뇌응공, Pacheon Noeeung-gong):[8] After charging a great amount of ki throughout his body, Gang forcefully releases an omnidirectional overwhelmingly powerful burst of ki energy.
  • Heavenly Destruction, Radiant Wheel Strike: Though its special attributes are unknown, it is powerful enough to negating and overpowering Dang Gan's Blazing Iron Shattering Thrust, creating a massive crater in the ground. First seen in The Baekma Valley (11).
  • Heavenly Destruction, Dark Wheel Strike: A seemingly defensive technique, a massive vortex is created, which distorts and warps enemy attacks so that they can't hit him. First seen in Doh Gyeom, The Iron Lion (17). It is apparently also a space - encompassing technique that shrouds its user and target in a black world, one within which Sa Paecheon was killed. The purpose of this "black world" is unknown, though it is implied that it creates illusions (Sa Paecheon hallucinating that his arm was still there. This may however, just be his failure to adapt).
  • Heavenly Destruction Secret Blood Technique, Extra Meridian Resonance:[citation needed] Gang Ryong augments his power through activation of ki meridian points in his body, nullifying the pain caused by his sustained injuries. This increase is immense, allowing him to stand up from severe wounds and poison to tear off Sa Paecheon's right arm and gain the upper hand (without using any of the other Heavenly Destruction techniques) in Wild Dogs (16).


  • "I'll open a big dumpling joint, and I'll eat jumbo dumplings every day--"[9]
  • "Hey, assassin. Ya sleepin'?"[2]

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • His name literally means "Dragon River".
  • He has a fondness towards dumplings.


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