Doh Gyeom
Doh Gyeom
Korean Name 도겸
Status Active
Affiliations Pungjin Sect
First Appearance Chapter 36

Doh Gyeom (도겸, Dogyeom; "Gyeom Doh") is the little master of the Pungjin Sect.[1] He is also the brother of the young lady Gang Ryong saved early on in the series.[2]

Appearance & PersonalityEdit


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Doh Gyeom appears to have a strong resistance to substances, being able to regain consciousness and even prepare to fight after ingesting enough sleeping medicine to put a bear down.[3] He has exhibited incredible strength and durability, being able to first tank two blows to his person before lifting two full grown men, one with each arm, and slamming them together with enough force to knock them out.[3]

Near the end of the "Doh Gyeom, the Iron Lion" arc, he is strong enough to seemingly fight on par with Gang Ryong, though it ends up being revealed that, as with Soh Jinhong, Ryong was in control of the fight from the beginning.[citation needed] After their battle, he can't draw out even half the power he had when he faced Ryong, but he is still many times stronger than he was before.[citation needed]


He wields what appear to be a pair of thick batons.[3]

He is more adept with the spear, using it with such proficiency that even Gang Ryong was caught off guard.


Notes & TriviaEdit


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