Doh Gyeol
Doh Gyeol
Korean Name 도결
Status Deceased
Affiliations None
Martial Arts Doh Family Spear Style
First Appearance Chapter 39

Doh Gyeol (도결, Dogyeol; "Gyeol Doh") is Doh Gyeom's late older brother.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit


Gyeol was murdered by Doh Gyeom his |younger brother]] 10 years prior to the start of the series, after the latter poisoned him.[1]


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Doh Gyeol is an extremely powerful martial artist who uses peculiar movements and brutal attacks.[2]


While Gyeol is clearly quite proficient wielding bladed weapons in general, he seems to prefer the use of a naginata and is seen with one in Gyeom's flashback.[3] Gyeol is incredibly skilled in the use of a naginata and spear techniques in general.[2]


Notes & TriviaEdit


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