Heavenly Destruction, Dark Wheel Strike
Hangul 파천 묵륜공
Romaja Pacheon Muglyungong
Battle Data
Martial Art Divine Heavenly Destruction Techniques
Class Offensive
Range Close to mid-range
First Appearance Chapter 52
Known Users Gang Ryong
Heavenly Destruction, Dark Wheel Strike is one of the twelve Divine Heavenly Destruction Techniques.

The user draws an immense amount of ki in front of them, forming a pseudo-singularity which generates a violent vortex that swirls inwards towards the epicentre as it tears away at the environment. The sheer attractive forces from the vortex are so strong that they are capable of dissipating other attacks and warping the shape of a gosu's weapon.[1]

It is also capable of creating a Space- encompassing illusion of a Black World, the effects of which are not verified but are implied to be any out of illusions, the negation of ki-based attacks, or the focusing of the ki used to make the "world" into a focal point of a strike.

It ultimately ended up being the attack that killed Sa Paecheon.


  1. Chapter 52

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