The Baekma Valley (11)
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Naver (Korean) Batoto (English)
Chapter Information
Season 1
Chapter 30
Korean Title 백마곡(11)
Release Date 29th March, 2016
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The Baekma Valley (11): As Gang gets ready to leave, Dang Gan gets back to his feet and attempts to attack again but Gang niftily evades his strikes. Dang Gan, feeling the damage from Gang's previous blow, aggressively asks where the young gosu was going before attacking again. However Gang merely evades his blows and smashes him into the ground with a powerful palm strike. As he moves to leave, Gang feels the ground shaking under foot and then observes Dang Gan destructively free himself, noting that the man's attack possessed some heat behind it.
Dang Gan says he'll quit using cheap tricks and would go all out using his ultimate technique. With Gang asking if he'd be the one to wipe out the Baekma Valley instead, Dang Gan launches a powerful thrust technique, eliciting Gang to counter with a strong technique of his own.

Elsewhere in the Valley, Hwang Gyu rushes to meet the Lady and confirms that the Heavenly Destroyer's disciple was indeed in the Valley. They then all feel the cataclysmic after-effect of the two mighty techniques colliding...

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